• fine tune your workplace.

  • turn sickness into wellness.

  • build a culture of smilers.

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    “2016 saw a 42% increase in UK work related stress. That’s an estimated cost of £1,000 per employee.”Office of National Statistics.
    About Rob

    the spa effect.

    Relax, reward and revive your teams with a digital detox and unique, multi-sensory spa experience.

    Workshops are fully clothed and suitable for the office environment, combining the following:

    • Gongs have a commanding presence with instant wow factor, making them the perfect tool for working with large groups.
    • The complex tones balance the brain hemispheres, improving memory function and multitasking ability.

    The session builds towards a profound silence, aided by a purifying blend of aromas to invigorate the senses.

    Your team members will relax deeper than they have in months!

    three easy steps.

    • 1. logistics

    • how many people?

      I can comfortably run workshops for up to 30 participants (more with an assistant).

    • bookings.

      Online bookings can be managed independently on request.

    • location.

      Can you provide office space or book a meeting room?

    • 2. format

    • group sessions.

      Simplicity is key and I recommend 60 mins with 15 mins either side for intros, breathing exercises, wind downs and sharing.

    • one-to-one sessions

      Short, 15-minute booster sessions can be scheduled over the course of a day.

    • 3. theme

    • regular slots.

      Health and wellbeing events, one-off sessions and quarterly, monthly or weekly clinics are all available.

    • tailored sessions.

      Approaching deadline? Stress epidemic? Launch event? Office move? Book a free consultation and I can tailor a format to suit.

    “An estimated 2.1 million people in the UK are suffering from an illness caused, or made worse, by their work.”UK Labour Force Survey, 2008
    About Rob

    what are the business benefits?

    try these for starters.

    • Reduce sickness.
    • Reduce team friction and increase morale.
    • Increase focus for an approaching deadline.
    • Reward staff after a busy season.
    • Provide incentives, e.g. employee of the month.
    • Create a buzz at your launch event.
    • Fulfil health & safety requirements and CSR policy objectives.
    • Prevent possible tribunals through unfair treatment.

    wellness is #trending.

    • 36% of adults are now turning to alternative medicine.
    • Gong baths, sober raving and cacao ceremonies are buzz words among millennials.
    • Sound therapy workshops are selling out in major cities, both sides of the Atlantic.
    • In 2018, everyone from Glastonbury to Silicon Valley is obsessed with unicorn culture.
    • Transport for London, Google, Ebay, GlaxoSmithKline, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, KPMG, Prudential and PricewaterhouseCoopers all run successful wellness programmes.
    “Gong baths are profound. The body vibrates and resonates so deeply. I found yours very helpful. Thanks!”Maureen

    show me the science!

    The juncture between Alpha and Theta brainwave states, which are stimulated by the gong sound, is often called the crossover point by neuroscientists. Here, subjects have experienced “seemingly miraculous resolutions of complex psychological problems including a significant reduction in anxiety levels*.

    * Dr. Eugene Peniston and Dr. Paul Kulkosky of the University of Southern Colorado.

    I’ve hand-picked a range of clinical studies for various health conditions here.

    See studies


    I offer a free, 30-minute consultation, to explore your circumstances and answer any questions.