the medicine wheel

  • mayan psychology map.

  • wisdom from experience.

  • find your way home.

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    “The earth spins on its axis. One man struggle, while another relaxes.”Massive Attack (Hymn of the big wheel)
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    what is it?

    An ancient map for the urban jungle!

    The medicine wheel points to the four directions, elements or aspects of the self. The centre, fifth, direction is the place of balance, from which creation flows. Then there’s the duality of above and below, totalling seven; the creator in manifestation or life experiencing itself.

    This particular medicine wheel, sometimes known as the star maiden circle or sacred hoop, comes from Central America through the Mayan culture. It’s one of many wheels that make up the world’s oldest interpretation of the cosmos, derived from nature and kept alive by indigenous cultures across the globe.

    what happens in a session?

    The medicine wheel is a tool applied to a Seven Directions Counselling session. It’s a potent self-development map, which can propel you towards the root cause of any issue, habit or trauma and illuminate the direction towards positive change.

    As the wheel turns we change shape, re-dream our existence, create new habits, make new choices and ultimately, become energised and whole once more.

    what do the directions mean?

    The south of the wheel (water) represents the child within, and the importance of trust, innocence, play and honouring emotional flow. Blockages create build up and stagnation, the dam breaks and tears fall. What’s moving in you?

    The west (earth) reflects our physicality and mortality. The only certainty in life is change and daring to look within gives us an understanding of how we manifest our daily lives and hold our emotions in our body. Are your feet firmly on the ground?

    The north (air) rides the breath, bringing us into the present and allowing us to respond from a place of calmness, truth and integrity. This is our primal instinct that knows its own experience and can cut through the bullshit contained in secondhand truths and beliefs. Breathe in a fresh perspective!

    The east (fire) is an expression of our spirit, vital energy, individuality and life force expressed through our passions. This is where we realise our unique power and limitless ability to transform. Stoke the fire in your belly!

    We undertake this journey for ourselves and all our relations. Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota Sioux prayer – “all are related”).


    Rob completed a 3-year training in Seven Directions Counselling and the Medicine Wheel with Eagles Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism.

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    “The secret is embracing flow, not attaching to states. Diving into the shadows can be fun too!”Rob Calcutt
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