tarot and divination

  • shift perspectives.

  • own your archetypes.

  • understand your karma.

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    “Here are we, one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth”David Bowie (Station to station)
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    what is it?

    Tarot is a symbolic language and ancient system of storytelling or divination using a pack of cards. 

    Divination is a ritual framework for gaining insight into a question or situation.

    how can it help me?

    Caught between a rock and a hard place? Has your home, work or love life hit a wall? 

    A tarot reading can:

    • Disentangle confused threads
    • Give you a better understanding of yourself and others
    • Offer fresh perspectives
    • Suggest positive directions
    • Predict likely outcomes
      for fun.
      My cat, Fred, has a flair for tarot and offers Friday feline wisdom on Instagram at #fridaytarotcat.

      where does it come from?

      Occult writers suggest tarot is 35,000 years old with links to ancient Egypt and the Qabalah (or Kabbalah). I’m a fan of this theory, however, no documented evidence of tarot (or tarocchi) exists prior to 14th century Italy.

        what’s in a deck?

        The Tarot is a pack of 78 cards divided into two sections:

        • The Minor arcana contains 56 cards divided into four suits, wands, cups, swords and pentacles.
        • The Major arcana contains 22 picture cards. These are defining symbols, or archetypes, of the human experience.

        In short: the minor arcana deals with practical, everyday issues and the major arcana tracks the journey of the soul.

        The evolution of the hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades, found in a modern pack of playing cards, can be traced to 15th century France. Today’s Jack is a merging of the traditional Knight & Page and the Joker, derived from The Fool, is the only remaining major arcana symbol.

        what tools do you use?

        I’ve acquired ten decks over the years so take your pick. Queers, goths and cat lovers all catered for. 

        I also work with Doreen Virtue’s Angel Cards, the Aboriginal Dreamtime Oracle and a particularly potent, Animal Medicine deck.


        My personal journey with tarot began in 1996, drawing upon studies in numerology, Qabalah and the four elements through a Mayan map of the cosmos known as the medicine wheel.

        “The secret is embracing flow, not attaching to states. Diving into the shadows can be fun too!”Rob Calcutt
        About Rob

        how is it done?

        Timing will determine my approach. Mammoth, 20-card spreads can weave together intricate themes and are great fun to try. Less is often more however and a single card can be enough to kickstart your process.

        The theatrics of storytelling and mystic woo can be addictive, so there comes a point when it’s necessary to halt your questions and do the work.

        My aim is to help you walk the walk by feeding the insights of tarot into a wider programme of support.

        Integrate tarot insights by experiencing them directly in a shamanic journey.

        can you tell my fortune mystic meg?

        Much as I’d love a caravan on Brighton pier, I’m no Psychic Sue.

        learn more.
        Gain further knowledge of the four suits of the tarot through the teachings of the medicine wheel.

        get a grip – it’s just a card!

        According to the great mathematician, Pythagoras, “all is number” and far from being meaningless accidents, all happenings across the universe can be reduced down to a specific numerical value or vibration.

        So did you just pick that card, or did it pick you? Or both?

        will you tell me something terrible?

        Each card is a blank canvas for your projections, so steer clear of doomsday tarot clichés:

        • The Death card points to transition in all its forms, not always unwelcome, e.g. a new job.
        • The Devil doesn’t preach materialism is bad, but can alert us to unhealthy attachments, or even point to a great sex life.
        • A collapsing Tower can be a great leveller, clearing space to create opportunity from the rubble.
        • how long does it take?

          A typical reading normally takes around 30-minutes.

        “Your new found ability to share the practicalities of the states and aspects of the human condition have supported me more than you could know. Thank you.”Louise


        I offer a free, 30-minute consultation, to explore your circumstances and answer any questions.