shamanic journeying

  • expand your awareness.

  • harness your imagination.

  • tap into guidance.

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    “I am the weaver, I am the woven one.
    I am the dreamer, I am the dream!” Shekhinah Mountainwater
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    what is it?

    A shamanic journey takes you from one state of consciousness to another, using a drum to navigate.

    In doing so, we move away from our physical body, bones and solid matter, towards a lighter, more flexible, energetic body, where emotions and thoughts reside. From this platform, we can access our vital essence, soul or spirit body and rub up against life’s mysteries to seek answers on our own terms.

    The shamanic journey is a tool that can be applied to a soul surgery session. 

    Drumming vibrates the visual cortex of the brain, stimulating theta waves and inducing significant trance states and inner landscapes – trippy! ;0

    what can it help with?

    How long have you got? On a basic level, it’s great for relaxation and stress relief.

    For those ready to go deep, a session can get right underneath your trauma and neuroses, offering valuable insights to shift addictions, habits, physical ailments and behaviour patterns from childhood (dis-connection creates dis-ease).

    It can also bring healing to a specific situation, allowing you to take stock and press the reset button.


    Rob completed a 3-year training in shamanic healing and soul retrieval with Eagles Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism.

    “The secret is embracing flow, not attaching to states. Diving into the shadows can be fun too!”
    Rob Calcutt
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    how is it done?

    what happens in a journey?

    Allow the beat of the drum to guide you down the rabbit hole of your very own, inner world; explore open portals and alternate realities where soul parts, elementals, spirit guides, animals and ancestors all vie for attention. Our childlike sense of adventure reminds us that we are both the dreamer and the dream itself.

    Probe, play and explore! The more focused your intent, the deeper the drum will take you and the bigger the insights you’ll receive in return. Sacred tobacco snuff, known as rapé (pron. “ha-pay”) can be used as a medicinal aid to focus your visions and on rare occasions, I’ll offer to journey on your behalf.

    The real challenge however, is opening to the possibility of grounding these insights for use in the everyday.

    Shamanic journeying can be applied to soul surgery, the process of understanding, befriending and re-integrating the outcast parts of ourselves.

    why drumming?

    Drumming makes you feel good! A frequency of 180 beats per minute can slow brain waves to around 8 cycles per second, mimicking the frequency of the planet. Attuning to the familiar heartbeat of Mother Earth can stir deep ancestral memories, bringing us back into alignment with our true nature.

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    Find out more about shamanism here.

    but it’s not real!

    Modern science now suggests that our collective thoughts create the physical world around us.

    There’s medicine to be found in surrendering to the abstract! Your thoughts, feelings, dreams and visions are your own to define: whether you believe in them or not is immaterial.

    • “Stop being childish.”
    • “It’s just your imagination.”

    Many of us are fed these statements as we prepare for the responsibilities of adulthood. Our imagination is a place of innate wisdom, so often ignored by the outward-facing distractions of modern life.

    “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

    • how long does it take?

      Typically 1-hour which will allow time either side to form an intent and share insights.

    “I enjoyed your drum journey session very much. You have a very nice way of facilitating.”

    show me the science!

    The juncture between Alpha and Theta brainwave states, which are stimulated by the shamanic drum, is often called the crossover point by neuroscientists. Here, subjects have experienced “seemingly miraculous resolutions of complex psychological problems” including a significant reduction in anxiety levels*.

    * Dr. Eugene Peniston and Dr. Paul Kulkosky of the University of Southern Colorado.

    I’ve hand-picked a range of clinical studies for various health conditions here.

    See studies


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