rebirthing breathwork

  • hack your nervous system.

  • integrate trauma.

  • realise your potential.

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    “Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”Thích Nhất Hạnh
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    what is it?

    A journey to deepen your relationship with yourself using the breath.

    Rebirthing Breathwork is a technique discovered by the late Leonard Orr in the 70s. Orr devoted over 40-years of his life to spreading these ideas across six continents to a global community of breathworkers. He has also written over 20 books in more than a dozen languages.

    what happens during a session?

    I’ll invite you to connect the inhale and the exhale, bringing awareness to your natural breathing rhythm. In doing so, you’ll relax deeply and discover tensions in the body which link to emotions, thoughts and narratives.

    With each phase of relaxation, you shed an old skin, stirring up sensory memories like the peeling of an onion. Feeling into these delicate places can be a powerful way to work with challenging life events, connecting behaviours to childhood patterns from your formative years. Some people even spiral back to the experience of being born!


    Rob is completing a 5-year professional breathwork diploma with the Avalon Institute of Rebirthing (AIR).

    “The secret is embracing flow, not attaching to states. Diving into the shadows can be fun too!”Rob Calcutt
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    how is it done?

    I work mainly on intuition, providing interventions like verbal communication and hand placements where appropriate. This interplay brings something interesting to the session, as all physical, mental and emotional responses can be honoured and incorporated into the breath process.

    Try a group breathe! Even the most independent person needs an ally and on this basis, absolutely everything works.

    The gong sound is a fantastic tool for accessing deeper states during a breathwork session.

    is it a form of meditation?

    Traditional meditation follows a suggested breath count to access deeper states. The Rebirthing process surrenders all control, allowing you to ride the waves of your natural breathing mechanism with a detached curiosity.

    Calm, erratic, fatigued, ecstatic, frustrated, sleepy, laboured or mundane. No rules. No comparisons. No destination. All moods welcome and interesting!

    why is it effective?

    Rebirthing helps to integrate emotions we have long suppressed. It isn’t about feeling better. It’s about getting better at feeling, all the while gently noticing what this brings up for you. Remember this: you aren’t broken and don’t need fixing.

    “There is no way around it. The way out is through and the way through is in.” Michael Brown (Presence Process)

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    Clinical studies show conscious breathing relieves depression, calms the nervous system, reduces blood pressure and even enlarges the brain! See here.
    • how long does it take?

      A typical session normally takes around 90-minutes, allowing time either side to form an intent and share insights. Shorter sessions are available on request.

    “You have anchored me into my journey, with your acceptance of my state and your ability to hold it with me!”Louise

    show me the science!

    Breathwork triggers a relaxation response by activating the vagus nerve (part of the parasympathetic nervous system).

    “Think of a car throttling down the highway at 120 miles an hour. That’s the stress response, and the Vagus nerve is the brake. When you are stressed, you have your foot on the gas, pedal to the floor. When you take slow, deep breaths, that is what is engaging the brake*.”

    * Dr Herbert Benson – founder of Harvard’s Mind/Body Medical Institute.

    I’ve hand-picked a range of clinical studies for various health conditions here.

    See studies


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