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    “When they excavate the modern day they’ll find us, the brand new ancients.”Kate Tempest
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    what is it?

    Births, deaths, marriages, careers, moving home, ill-health, divorce, puberty, the menopause.

    This short life is filled with points of transition which challenge us to find flow. Many of us feel out of touch with organised religion, or considered neurotic by medical ‘professionals’ as we navigate the upheavals of modern life in the urban jungle.

    Our ancient ancestors stood at the threshold of life changes in ceremony to celebrate, anchor or make sense of complex emotions. Somewhere along the line, we lost our connection with these Earth-based traditions as they became engulfed by the concrete, traffic, hashtags and pixels of modern civilisation.

    It’s time to reclaim the art of ceremony in the spirit of peaceful anarchy, away from the hierarchy of organised religion, government or whichever conduit decides to stand in the way of your connection with all that is.

    It is possible that shamanic ceremony existed 30,000 years ago. However, the earliest known archaeological record of a shaman excavation was from a burial site in Israel, which dates back 12,000 years.

    how does it work?

    Ceremony brings people together in community to draw power and inspiration from the present moment. Through this gateway we can touch another dimension, stop time and surrender to the authenticity of the moment.

    Calling in the seven directions of the Medicine Wheel is a great way to command a space in group situations.

    what does it involve?

    Ceremonies are tailored to the group or individual and can include the following:

    • Preparing a sacred space
    • Crafting sacred objects and sigils
    • Circle casting, focusing intent and raising energy
    • Meditation, breathwork, visualisation and journeying
    • Sound baths with gongs, tibetan bowls, drums and rattles
    • Fire ceremonies
    • Divination with cards
    • Closing and disbanding
    • Integration

    Finding the courage to be vulnerable makes us feel truly alive and the gift of the present can help us initiate change instead of being at the mercy of it.

    We undertake this journey for ourselves and all our relations. Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota Sioux prayer – “all are related”).

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    Find out more about shamanism here.


    Rob completed a 3-year training in crafting and holding ceremonial spaces with Eagles Wing College of Contemporary Shamanism.

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    The secret is embracing flow, not attaching to states. Diving into the shadows can be fun too!
    Rob Calcutt
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