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how does it work?

My mentoring programmes combine a range of modalities, with a tailored approach, clear milestones and telephone support as required.

Traditional talking therapies, are a fantastic way to bring your issues into conscious awareness before ‘diving down’ with sound therapy, breathwork and journeying to work with raw emotion from the inside-out

Appointment dates to be agreed upon on commencement and programmes are designed to be completed within 12-months.

why choose mentoring?

I recommend a course of ten sessions to walk the walk and bring about meaningful change.

Keys to success are in the transition from a recreational approach to a devotional one. In my experience, developing a level of competence, shifting behaviour patterns or integrating childhood traumas with sustainable coping mechanisms can take up to 3-6 months.

    booster package.


    Value - £350 - 15% discount
    • 5 x breathwork / gong sessions
    • telephone coaching as required
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    serious seekers.


    Value - £1,110 - 10% discount
    • 2 x medicine wheel counselling sessions
    • 2 x card readings
    • 10 x breath work / gong sessions
    • 3 x shamanic drum journeys
    • Telephone coaching as required
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      “The secret is embracing flow, not attaching to states. Diving into the shadows can be fun too!”
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