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    “You have anchored me into my journey, with your acceptance of my state and your ability to hold it with me! Your great new understanding of life’s journey and your new found ability to share the practicalities of the states and aspects of the human condition have supported me more than you could know. THANK YOU.” Louise
    “Dear Rob. My friend has been speaking very highly of you ever since I have been on a retreat with her in Spain a year ago.
    I am a very sceptical person and was almost determined not to be impressed, but right from the first encounter, you took my apprehension and doubts away. For the first time, I actually wasn’t afraid that I had been sucked into a cult or quackery and I feel “liberated” and was yesterday as relaxed as I can be at present, thanks to your calming, kind and wise guidance.
    So I feel grateful to have met you and would love to seek you out for guidance whenever possible during these times.
    Much love and thank you for yesterday’s ceremony.”Anon
    “An unexpectedly good session for me! Prior to today, I’ve managed about 10-15mins mediation max & I was very sceptical as to how I would get through an extended period. I didn’t even notice the time & engaged with the experience through Rob’s guidance. Thank you!”Mary
    “I enjoyed your drum journey session very much. You have a very nice way of facilitating, and I can see that you are a natural workshop leader.”Sheila
    “Brill thanks Rob. The gong is impressive! Has definitely stirred something today…” Clare
    “The Gong was totally amazing – Thank yooooz Robder! – Today lots of stuff shifted for me.”Mark
    “Gong baths are profound. The body vibrates and resonates so deeply. I found yours very helpful. Thanks!” Maureen
    “Like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. So immersive and relaxing. Thanks Rob, I will never forget it! Brilliant.” Dee
    “I have had several holistic treatments with Rob, including Shamanic counselling, gong work, and breath work. I’ve responded to each form differently, and every session has given me an altered and beneficial perspective. These have ranged from purely relaxational sessions, through to actively addressing certain problems. Rob is highly skilled at setting a calm and safe space for the practice, both in explaining and discussing the work before starting, and in aftercare. I would highly recommend Rob to anyone considering alternative therapies, or who wants to work with a new instructor.”Oliver
    “Thank yous yesly. Was smashing, a gift.”Kevin
    “Wow what a 48-hrs since being bathed in the gongs. You have given me inspiration and a desire to do more. Now the prospect of spending a Saturday night at home alone is something to be treasured and not something to fear. More please!”Anon
    “Just heard a stupendous account of one woman’s experience in your gong meditation at Lovespirit. She still feels the experience transformed her attitude towards life. Miraculous!”Lev
    “With Rob, nothing is set in stone. He challenges the status quo, blending intelligence and humour with finely honed healing experience in order to arrive at a magical destination. Rob is a true listener, using his counselling skills to help you along your journey. I found his gong treatment a real revelation – the noise vibrates around your body to create a deep and powerful experience. If you’re exploring your sense of self, stressed out or simply curious, a session with Rob can let the light in or allow you to explore the dark corners in a safe yet illuminating space.” Jess
    “Hi Rob, I just wanted to say how much I appreciated attending your session at ‘Lovespirit’ yesterday. I thought the gong bath was an amazing experience and really felt the journeying feeling through the sounds you (and the gong) created.”Anon
    “The secret is embracing flow, not attaching to states. Diving into the shadows can be fun too!”Rob Calcutt
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